A misery-ridden song by eighties band The Smiths has been crowned the top tune to compliment a depressed state of mind.

The gloomy 1986 track I KNOW IT'S OVER - written by melancholic frontman Morrissey and featuring the lines, "I can feel the soil falling over my head/And as I climb into an empty bed/Oh well. Enough said" - has landed the number one spot in the SONGS THAT SAVED YOUR LIFE survey, undertaken by British radio station BBC 6 MUSIC.

The station describes the top 20 list as "the songs that you cry along to, the ones you shout at, and the tunes that just make you feel a whole lot better".

Other bands to win top 20 positions include Radiohead, REM, and The Cure. Uplifting tracks by THE DARKNESS' I BELIEVE IN A THING CALLED LOVE and THE BEATLES' GOOD DAY SUNSHINE also feature in the line-up.

JOHN SUGAR, 6 Music's programme editor, says, "We wanted to look at what songs help people get through depression, break-ups and feeling down."

09/03/2004 17:06