Stephen Street, famed music producer of The Smiths and Blur, has revealed how in heart-to-heart sessions with Pete Doherty he tried to get the Babyshambles frontman to 'sort himself out'.

The producer, who has just completed work with Doherty on the new Babyshambles album French Dog Blues, said that when the singer turned up for the first sessions he was "completely wasted".

He told the NME: "He [Doherty] wasn't in a very good state for the first couple of weeks for the reasons that people know about.

"There were a couple of times I had to fire warning shots and say, 'listen, you've got to sort yourself out because if you don't I can't work with you'."

However, Doherty's increased focus after these original sessions resulted in a coherent album, due to be released in October.

Street added: "There's a great number of people who think he's a crackhead and a waste of time. I wanted to prove those people wrong and that he can make a decent record.

"It suddenly dawned on him how coherent it was. The album's a damn good piece of work and I'm hoping it's going to open a new chapter for Peter."

The producer's comments coincided with another court appearance for the singer who had his sentencing for drugs and driving charges adjourned for a further month yesterday.

Doherty pleaded guilty to possession of crack cocaine, heroin, cannabis and ketamine as well as two driving charges at a hearing last month and took a week of court-imposed rehab.

However, the judge in court yesterday warned Doherty that unless his motivation to kick his drug habit improves, he will face jail in his next hearing in September.

08/08/2007 12:30:12