A lost demo tape recorded by The Smiths in their manager's warehouse has been unearthed in the U.K. and leaked online.

Former drummer Mike Joyce is urging his Twitter.com followers to check out a link to the audio, revealing it was recorded in 1983, before the group hit the studio to create its self-titled debut album.

Dubbed The Pablo Cuckoo Tape, the recording comes from an anonymous source, but Joyce confirms it's the real thing.

In a tweet, he writes, "It was recorded on a cassette player lying on the floor in the rehearsal room."

The mysterious uploader claims the nine-track demo, which features future The Smiths hits What Difference Does it Make and Hand in Glove, was recorded at a warehouse owned by the group's manager, Joe Moss, and intended for producer Troy Tate as an introduction to the band's music.

The Smiths debut album was released in 1984.