DANIEL MERRIWEATHER has been discussing his forthcoming album, claiming that he aimed for a "stripped back" sound.

The Australian singer enjoyed chart success last year when he recorded a version of The Smiths song Stop Me for MARK RONSON'S album VERSION.

Speaking to Attitude magazine, he said that the new record – LOVE AND WAR - engages with today's "media-obsessed" world.

"I stripped everything back and just worked with great musicians and wrote great songs," he explained.

"With all the various music I grew up listening to, the only way I found I could work on my own music was to revert back to zero and start afresh with a clean state."

He added that playing gigs with Ronson had given him the opportunity to play large-scale venues with out the pressure of record sales.

It was recently reported that Lily Allen asked Ronson to pay for a helicopter to take her to the Glastonbury Festival.

13/03/2009 10:59:31