Former The Smiths bandmates Johnny Marr and Andy Rourke reunited onstage in New York on Friday night (03May13) to run through their old group's hit How Soon Is Now.

Marr has been performing the classic track on his solo live shows and even included it in his set at the Coachella festival in California last month (Apr13), and he had a special treat in store for fans at his Music Hall of Williamsburg gig in Brooklyn, when he invited Rourke to join him.

He told the crowd, "When I was 15, I formed one of the first bands with my best friend. He was at that time one of the best musicians I'd ever heard.

"Then, in 1982, I formed a band in Manchester and I asked my best friend to come and play the bass with me, and he was still one of the best musicians I'd ever heard. And tonight, 30 years later, I'm gonna invite one of my best friends in the world (to join me) - and he's still one of the best musicians I've ever heard."

But he told Rolling Stone magazine that fans shouldn't think the get together will herald a The Smiths reunion - and he's tired of answering the same old question.

He explained, "I've probably been asked about a reunion about 8,936 times... I can understand people asking it, even if they're not actually listening to the answer. I also don't want to be impolite. I must just start saying, 'Google it', when people ask me that."