The Small Faces and The Faces' induction at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2012 was ruined by Green Day's "horrifying loud and bad" performance for keyboard player Ian Mclagan.

The veteran rocker, who has also performed with The Faces bandmate Ronnie Wood's other group, the Rolling Stones, was suffering from a migraine headache at the induction ceremony and admits he wanted to kill Billie Joe Armstrong and his cohorts during their set honouring inductees Guns N' Roses.

He tells, "I don't really get it (their music). It's too young for me. It feels like kids making a lot of noise.

"I had a migraine that day, it was a bad one. I got it about two hours before the show. I'd ordered a meal, it was an hour late, it got to me just before I was supposed to leave. I was angry and I had a migraine. I get there, I'm 15 feet from the front of the stage, right in the middle, second table. Green Day come on. If I had a gun, they'd all be dead. And I'd be happy about it.

"(They were) horrifyingly loud and bad, two things you shouldn't be. Especially if you're at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame."

And the punk trio's performance wasn't the only thing MCLagan hated: "I wanted to kill Guns N' Roses as well. Apart from that, it was nice to be inducted, it was a big honour."

Ironically, Green Day will become eligible for Hall of Fame induction in 2015.

MCLagan is now part of the concerted effort to reunite the existing Faces - Rod Stewart, himself, Wood and Kenney Jones - for a planned tour.