Review of God Lead Your Soul Single by The Sleepy Jackson

The Sleepy Jackson
God Lead Your Soul
Single Review

The Sleepy Jackson God Lead Your Soul Single

Luke Steel and his revolving backing band who make up The Sleepy Jackson, seem to have arrived at a settled sound with this dreamy and slightly psychedelic single, extracted from their highly anticipated second album; 'Personality - One Was A Spider One Was Bird'. Expanding on a Sonic Youth base, The Sleepy Jackson is able to utilise slow building instrumentals and calming female backing vocals to atmospherically intriguing effect. In 2003, Steele used his calming and commanding vocals on debut album 'Lovers' to warm and mystical effect. This is even more the case now and if he can keep his focus and the band keeps their patience, the time could be right for this antipodean outfit's reflective song-building to really hit home.


David Adair

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