The Sixth Sense director M Night Shyamalan has contacted lawyers to try to shut down the makers of a SCI-FI CHANNEL documentary called THE BURIED SECRET OF M NIGHT SHYAMALAN.

Director Nathaniel Kahn and producer Callum Greene were following the Hollywood filmmaker on the set of his latest film The Village when they stumbled over a "pivotal event" in his life - much to the disapproval of Shyamalan who has now contacted his lawyers to halt the TV airing.

Green says, "There's one secret that's surrounded by others.

"We felt that we were finding breadcrumbs through this forest and we followed them."

After five months of filming, the documentary team strayed from the list of friends and associates Shyamalan had suggested they interview, and uncovered what the "pivotal event" after speaking with his childhood friends and neighbours in suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The show is set to be broadcast in America on 18 July (04), unless the ongoing legal struggle prevents the screening of Shyamalan's alleged hidden past.

06/07/2004 17:34