The creators of The Simpsons MOVIE have recreated the cover of Pink Floyd's 1977 album ANIMALS, as a promotional act for the film's DVD release today.

A giant inflatable Spider Pig, Homer Simpson's pet in the film, was blown up and flown over Battersea Power Station.

The original album cover depicts a pig flying over the London landmark.

In the past THE SIMPSONS have recreated the covers of Nirvana's NEVERMIND and THE BEATLE's ABBEY ROAD

Meanwhile, promotional efforts in America saw a dedicated Simpsons ice-rink installed in New York complete with costumed characters, a live band and a duet between Homer and Spider pig.

Bryant Park, were the rink is located, is also decorated with bright yellow grass and a Simpsons Christmas tree.

The Empire State Building will receive a Simpsons-style makeover and turn bright yellow in the landmark's first movie promotion stunt.

In Los Angeles Simpsons fans will be treated to pink-frosted D'oh!Nuts sprinkles by holiday elves wearing yellow Santa hats.

Steve Feldstein, senior vice president of corporate and market communications for Fox Home Entertainment said: "We want to make sure everyone in The Modern world knows this is out on DVD."

The no expense spared campaign is similar to the promotion the movie received when it was released in cinemas over the summer.

Throughout America, local 7-11 stores turned into Kwik-E-Marts - the supermarket featured in the show.

19/12/2007 11:24:33