Hit U.S. TV show The Simpsons has come under fire in Argentina - after the country aired an episode featuring "offensive" comments about former president JUAN PERON.
The show sees main character Homer Simpson discussing Peron - who ruled for over ten years before his death in 1974 - with best friend Carl Carlson.
The pair call him a "military dictator" and insist "when he disappeared you, you stayed disappeared".
They go on, adding, "Plus his wife was Madonna" - referring to the 1996 film Evita, the story of Peron's second wife Eva, in which the singer played the title role.
But the comments have infuriated people in the Latin American country - with many calling for the cartoon to be censored.
Lorenzo Pepe, head of the Juan Domingo Peron Institute, called the episode "highly offensive, that part about Madonna was too much".
The Simpsons also attracted controversy in Venezuela earlier this month (Apr08), with president Hugo Chavez banning the programme, branding it full of "messages that go against the whole education of boys, girls and adolescents".
The show was later reinstated.