South American fans of hit cartoon The Simpsons are set for a shock when they tune into the upcoming new season of the show - all the characters will sound different.

A Mexican labour dispute has prompted a dubbing studio to replace LOS SIMPSONS' famed Latin cast members.

Actor HUMBERTO VELEZ, who has voiced HOMERO SIMPSON for the past 15 years, tells trade paper THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, "I'm deeply disappointed because we did such quality work and now they're using other people.

"Every one of us has given personality to the characters and that's because we loved what we were doing."

The original cast went on strike in February (05), prompting studio bosses to replace them all.

Los Simpsons spokeswoman MAGDALENA QUESTA insists the studio was within its legal right to hire new actors on the grounds that, in May (05), a Mexico City district labour court declared the strike "invalid".

07/06/2005 21:42