The Simpsons' MOVIE has broken Harry Potter's spell over British cinema-goers by topping the U.K. box office after its opening weekend (27-29Jul07). The film clinches the number one spot with over 2.6 million people flocking to see TV's first family in their big screen outing, pulling in GBP13.6 million ($27.2 million). The latest installment of the boy wizard franchise, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, slipped from first to third place, with Transformers entering in second position. The blockbusters took GBP8.7 million ($17.4 million) and GBP3.4 million ($6.8 million) respectively. John Travolta's hit musical Hairspray falls from number two to four, while the adventures of the green ogres in Shrek the Third rounds up the top five.