Legendary US TV cartoon The Simpsons made its debut on Arab television earlier this month (OCT05), with a few changes to suit the local audience.

The animated show, retitled AL SHAMSHOON, is being shown across the region on network MBC.

Among the changes are the characters' names - lazy dad HOMER becomes OMAR, while young rascal BART is renamed BADR - and the removal of all mention of anything banned by religious text the Koran, like beer and bacon.

As such, Homer's beloved Duff beer has been changed into a fizzy drink, while Moe's bar has been written out of the show. Elsewhere, hotdogs are turned into Egyptian beef sausages and donuts are Arab cookies, or 'kahk'.

MBC's MICHEL COSTANDI says, "I think The Simpsons will open new horizons for us to the future by creating a new genre of programming that will appeal to young adults in the Middle East."

The Simpsons has been entertaining Americans, and millions around the globe, for 17 years.