The Simpsons will live on for another two seasons after negotiations finally reached a successful conclusion between network Fox and the show's voice-actors yesterday on October 7th.
The Wrap reports that earlier this week Fox had claimed that it was no longer profitable for them to air new shows of the much-loved animated comedy and that salary-cuts were essential to ensure its survival. Previously the show's actors had been on a contract worth some $9 million for at least 20 episodes and initially the stars, including DAN CASTELLANATA, Nancy Cartwright and Harry Shearer, were offering to take cuts only if they received a share of the profits taken from the series. Shearer - who voices characters including Ned Flanders and Montgomery Burns - had even offered to take a 70% cut to ensure this, while for their part Fox had offered $250,000 an episode instead of the $440,000 they're currently on.
Ultimately however a compromise has been reached, which means that The Simpsons will stay for a 24th and 25th season, the actors settling on a fee that still accumulates to a more than tidy $6 million for a series worth at least 20 episodes. A statement from Fox simply said "Woo Hoo! I outlasted Andy Rooney!" The new episodes will air in the US from October 30th, with another Halloween instalment, 'Treehouse Of Horrors XXII.'