Hit TV series The Simpsons and Kiefer Sutherland's 24 are at the centre of a legal dispute between 20th Century Fox and social video broadcasting website YouTube.

The website has been subpoenaed to disclose the identity of those responsible for uploading 12 SIMPSONS episodes and four instalments of 24.

First disclosed by the blog Google Watch, the document states that the availability of these videos online came under Fox's attention a couple of weeks ago.

It is believed that the episodes of 24 that have been uploaded were on YouTube even before their premiere on Fox on January 14th.

In order to find the perpetrators of the alleged unauthorised distribution of the SIMPSONS and 24 episodes, Fox is now using the law to get YouTube to reveal the identities of those involved.

YouTube is facing even more legal action this month, as Brazilian model DANIELA CICARELLI has sued it earlier this month after it had allegedly failed to keep a sex video of her and her ex off the site.

25/01/2007 15:11:05