The actors who voice HOMER and BART on The Simpsons are delighted with a huge pay rise which see them earning millions of dollars for their work on the hit animation show.

Dan Castellaneta and NANCY CARTWRIGHT - who voice Homer and Bart respectively - are thrilled with their new contract following their battle with TV bosses at 20th CENTURY FOX TELEVISION for a pay rise to $8 million (GBP4.5 million) each for the 22-episode 2004-05 season.

The series producer explains, "We couldn't be happier to have reached a multi-year deal with the enormously talented cast of The Simpsons."

The loss of even a few episodes of the animated hit show - a bulwark of Fox TV's schedule - would be financially painful for the network.

The actors were earning $125,000 (GBP70,500) an episode before their contract dispute.

02/05/2004 10:27