Springfield, Minnesota has taken itself out of the running to be recognized as the Springfield where The Simpsons reside. The country's 32 Springfields have been invited to compete for a chance to host the world premiere of the upcoming animated movie, The Simpsons: The Movie. But City Manager Mac Tilberg told the St. Paul Pioneer Press. "It sounded like a chamber of commerce-type deal that could make some noise for your town, but quite a bit of the input I got was that we are obviously not the Springfield on the show," Tilberg said. "We're a clean, close-knit community. There's no pollution, no waste dumps, nobody misbehaving all the time. And we don't want to be made a parody of. ... We wouldn't even be promoting our community. We'd be promoting 20th Century Fox's movie." But Jim Miesen, who owns a local paint store, told the newspaper, "For a town of this size, the thought of Hollywood coming to town would be exciting."