Springfield, VT got its first movie premiere Saturday night -- actually four of them -- as locals and guests walked onto a yellow carpet for the four screenings of The Simpsons Movie at the 212-seat Springfield Theater. The first, invitation-only screening was attended by Simpsons' creator Matt Groening and the film's producers. Remarking on the local hoopla, Brock Rutter of the Vermont Film Commission told the Associated Press: "I think it's quite clearly bigger than Elvis and the Beatles put together." Meanwhile, the London Times has become the first major newspaper to review the movie. James Bone, who attended a Springfield screening, said in today's edition that the film lands in movie theaters with "panache." He calls it, "a postmodern parable about an environmental scare that is at the same time hilarious and horrifyingly poignant. ... What you get for your money is the Simpsons on an epic scale."