The Jordanian royal family will launch a new children's cartoon project tonight (08MAY06) in an attempt to aid the Middle East peace process. KING ABDULLAH and QUEEN RANIA, avid fans of Disney characters and The Simpsons, are convinced their animation BEN AND IZZY could help to encourage tolerance and understanding in young children and form a new generation of peacekeepers. US businessman BAMAN RUSBY, who brought Jordanian animators and US producers together to create the show, says, "We are staying away from religion and politics and focusing on the story being entertaining." Production company executive RICHARD FAIRBANKS adds, "This is not a solution to the Middle East process, it's a contribution. "If we're going to have to live with this kind of jihadism for the next who knows how many generations, then lighting a candle is surely better than cursing the darkness. "This show is a candle that can and should be lit." The cartoon, which stars two 11-year-old boys, one Arab and one American, is also being broadcast on the BBC and British TV network Channel 4.