Fox News Channel commentator Bill O'Reilly has attempted to distance the channel from corporate sibling Fox Broadcasting, which announced this week that it will carry an interview with O.J. Simpson about how, "if [he] did it," he would have murdered his ex-wife and her friend. "Shamefully, the Fox Broadcasting unit is set to carry the program, which is simply indefensible and a low point in American culture," O'Reilly said. "For the record, Fox Broadcasting has nothing to do with the Fox News Channel." Several left-leaning publications immediately pounced on the comment. "O' really?" remarked the online Radar magazine. "That last part must have come as shocking news to O'Reilly's boss, Fox News Channel chief Roger Ailes, who also chairs Fox Television stations." Others pointed out that HarperCollins, the publishing house that bought Simpson's convoluted confession (for a reported $3.5 million, payable to his children) is yet another corporate sibling. Nevertheless, Rupert Murdoch's News Corp, which owns them all, has apparently not sought to exert editorial oversight over them. (The O'Reilly Factor on Fox News Channel would seem to have "nothing to do" with the liberal-leaning content of The Simpsons on Fox Broadcasting.) Meanwhile, appearing on ABC's Good Morning America Thursday, Denise Brown, sister of Nicole Brown Simpson, lashed out at Fox Broadcasting and HarperCollins for "promoting the wrongdoing of criminals." And in an editorial, today's (Friday) New York Daily News asked "Can [Murdoch] slumber untroubled when his corporate empire is trafficking in blood money?"