Review of Circus (Sweet Nothing 17/01/04) Single by The Sights

The Sights

The Sights - Circus (Sweet Nothing ) - Single Review

The Sights


(Sweet Nothing)

Crisp Detriot based clatter indie/pop will get your new year off to an honest, vibrant and earnest start if you have the foresight to delve into The Sights' preview offering to their third album out 07/02/04. Eddie Baranek leads the vocal assault with Todd Rundgren styled rawness and passion that combine to make 'Circus' an entertaining proposition. The introduction of new drummer Mike Trombley sees this trio confidently steering their way to recognition with renewed vigour.

The Sights - Circus (Sweet Nothing 17/01/04) - Single Review

Tenderness is doled out with the enthusiasm of a soup kitchen worker on Christmas day, as Barnek's vocals slow down and the instrumentals take on a whinier blues style in 'Everything'. Eddie and the guys are embarking on a journey whereby the destination is unknown and unimportant; it seems there is an open invitation for everyone to join them and enjoy the mysteries, memories and The Sights that will appear along the way.

David Adair