The Shires' Ben Earle has had hypnotherapy to combat his stage fright.

The country star wishes he has the confidence of his bandmate Crissie Rhodes because performing for their fans leaves him feeling very anxious.

He said: ''I get stage fright sometimes and I've had hypnotherapy for it.

''That's the annoying thing about Crissie, she goes on stage and comes alive, whereas I get real anxiety.''

The duo are preparing to hit the road to support Shania Twain on tour and Ben - who has River, two, and three-month-old Tennessee with his fiancée Vicki - will be taking his kids on the road with him, which could prove tough.

He said: ''My son is only three months old and we've got a two year old too. Sometimes I walk on stage and I'm shattered.

''But I have a job that I love and hope one day they will have the same.

''River loves the tour bus - he went on a normal bus the other day and was so disappointed when he couldn't find the Xbox.''

Though Ben feels anxious when he performs on stage, he'd jump at the chance to sing with Dolly Parton.

He told Britain's HELLO! magazine: ''To perform with Dolly Parton would be incredible. She's an amazing lyricist and role model. That would be the dream.''

Ed Sheeran wrote 'Stay the Night' for the duo, who he met at an afterparty for one of his gigs.

Ben recalled: ''I went up to Ed to say hi. I was so shocked when he said, 'I know who you are, you're from The Shires. I pre-ordered your album and my favourite song was 'Other People's Things'.

''We got chatting and he said he had a song he wanted to send us, which was 'Stay the Night'.''

Crissie added: ''He's wonderful, so down-to-earth and lovely. At the party he was shouting, 'Come on Crissie, jelly shots.' I think I stumbled out about 4.30am.''