It looks like The Saturdays are enjoying their millions on their trip to Los Angeles; rather than working on their new reality show, they seem to be taking time out from working to go shopping.
Frankie Sandford, 23, and Mollie King, 25, looked positively giddy when they were spotted in West Hollywood browsing the shops of Robertson Boulevard for the best expensive designer labels have to offer. They both had their enviably tanned pins out, colourful heels, and both could be seen sweeping their perfect hair-dos from their eyes. To be honest, it looks as though these two are having a bit too much fun - so much so that they have managed to trash their hotel rooms already! Frankie recently Tweeted a picture of her many suitcases on the floor of her room and their regurgitated contents with the caption, 'Hmmmmm.... Can someone come and repack for me please....' while Mollie is confused about what cleaning involves Tweeting, 'This hotel cleaner has far too much logic for my liking! Who would've possibly thought to hang clothes up? More accessible on the floor, no?'
Meanwhile, new mother and the oldest of all the Saturdays Una Healy, 30, left her daughter Aoife (pronounced 'ee-fah') to her mother whilst she visited a fortune teller. She later Tweeted (seemingly surprised): 'I went into one of those psychic walk in joints last night... what a scam!' before adding, 'Walked out feeling like crap and she charged a fortune! thank God I didnt pay her the $1000 looked for to 'cleanse' me!' Well, the problem is, what most people would love a fortune teller to tell them has already happened to her!