The Saturdays want girl bands to achieve ''world domination''.

The 'Ego' hitmakers are pleased female acts such as Little Mix have enjoyed success as they think the charts have been dominated by men for too long.

Band member Rochelle Humes said: ''I remember there was that period of time where boy bands were big back in the day and the Spice Girls were around. And then it kind of went quiet for a little while and we've been sort of flying the girl-band flag for the last five years back home.

''We always say 'world domination.' So we want to kind of step-by-step make everyone be into girl bands, not just boy bands.''

The group think their fans are different to a boy band's supporters because of a lack of ''hysteria''.

Frankie Sandford explained to MTV News: ''It's kind of more about girls [being] interested in what we're wearing, or they might like what we've done.

''It's a different sort of like appreciation. They'd like to maybe dance along with us, but they're not screaming outside our hotel room. It's fine, but it's just very different. It's nice.''