WU-TANG CLAN star The RZA is constantly taking on and defeating challengers - in the world of chess.

The hip-hop producer is a huge fan of the game, and has developed a fearsome reputation for himself as the one to beat.

He says, "People love to challenge me. I probably win eight out of 10 times, but there's always those times when I'm like, 'Damn, n**ga f**ked me up!'

"I was in Poland, and this motherf**ker with a chess set - it was still in the package - came behind the stage, unpacked it and set the s**t up in front of me. He was like, 'I've been looking for you for four years. And he sat there and defeated me."

And Rza, real name ROBERT DIGGS, also boasts a sizeable collection of chess sets to feed his hobby.

He adds, "My claim-to-fame chess set is one my brother got me, made out of gold and silver, that's been appraised at $50,000. There have only been nine of this particular set made in the world."