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The Rules Of Attraction

In his inimitable style, Bret Easton Ellis has ventured into uncharted, taboo territory for years. His books portray a perverse blend of fortune, fantasy and deep-rooted human flaw, a world whose inhabitants constantly walk the line between sanity and obsession. With Less Than Zero Ellis introduced the younger generation of Los Angeles' privileged, troubled class; The Rules of Attraction gave readers a glimpse into the twisted world of small, Northeastern college life; in American Psycho one witnessed the shocking fusion of money and angst in the 1980s, as manifested in a main character obsessed with style and consumed by arbitrary vengeance.

Ellis was born in 1964, raised in the city of lost angels. In the early 1980's he played keyboards in a handful of new wave bands before he turned to his infamous career as the bad boy of 80's literature. His influences include Hemingway, Didion, Joyce, Flaubert and Dennis Cooper.

The Rules of Attraction is published by Picador.

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