The Roots star ?Uestlove spent two years procrastinating over his memoir before publishers demanded he get to work.

The drummer, real name Ahmir Khalib Thompson, has put pen to paper to tell his life story in Mo' Meta Blues, but admits it took a lot of pushing and persuading to get him to come up with his first draft.

He tells Rolling Stone magazine, "You have to understand - I am more used to social media, which allows you to ramble and kind of colour outside the lines. That's how I got the book deal in the first place, off the strength of my liner notes for the Roots (albums) and my presence on (hip-hop forum) Okayplayer, and my following on Twitter and Facebook. So... since 2009, (the publisher has) been begging me to do the book. They let a year go by of me successfully avoiding them and then, by 2011, they were like, 'Ok, dude, we gave you the money. Now where is our book?'"

?uestlove admits he struggled to write openly about the lows in his life, adding, "It went through so many drafts. I thought, 'Let's talk music, but not me.' I worked backwards. Chapter one was the hardest one to write, because it took me a second to think that my story sort of did matter... It's one thing to be me. It's another to step outside yourself and revisit it. Some of these things were easy - it was fun talking about Sesame Street or rollerskating with Prince - but it's a whole 'nother (sic) ballgame revisiting painful memories."