The Roots star AHMIR '?UESTLOVE' THOMPSON was left annoyed after a run in with New York police on Friday (07Jan11) when his car was pulled over for having tinted windows.
The legendary drummer was travelling in the back seat of the SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) in the early hours of Friday when the car was stopped by cops for an alleged traffic violation.
Keeping fans updated on his blog, he wrote, "Gettin stopped :( This is some bulls**t hilado. why I gotta roll my window down it's freezing (sic)."
But ?uestlove soon suspected he and his driver had become the victims of racial profiling because they had been reprimanded for a minor issue - prompting the musician to compare his situation to the tale Jay-Z raps about on his hit 99 Problems.
He adds, "Lol (laugh out loud) this is kinda 99 Problems I'm livin out: doin 25 in a 24 (mile an hour zone). And I'm actually in the car with a lawyer."
And the hip-hop icon was quick to dispel fans' concerns that he had been stopped because he was on his cell phone while behind the wheel, tweeting: "I'm not driving einsteins. Texting and driving is illegal duh."
On 99 Problems, rap superstar Jay-Z rhymes about being pulled over by cops for allegedly speeding, "doing 55 in a 54".
In another line, he raps about refusing to allow the officer to search his car, saying: "I ain't pass the bar (legal exam) but I know a little bit/Enough that you won't illegally search my s**t."