The Road To Guantanamo star RIZWAN AHMED has released a rap song dealing with the effects of 9/11 on British Muslims in the wake of his portrayal of SHAFIQ in director Michael Winterbottom's drama. The British-born actor - who has adopted the alias RIZ MC for his musical career - has enjoyed thousands of hits since he posted the track THE POST-9/11 BLUES on his MySpace page. And the track was launched on download webiste iTunes yesterday (14AUG06) and will hit shops in the UK next week (21AUG06). The song's controversial lyrics include: "Shave your beard if you're brown and you best salute the crown / Or they'll do you like Vrazilians and shoot your a** down." Ahmed says, "There is no money in this but I resent being told by music executives that these are fringe sentiments. "Many people are fed up with the distorted view of the world that politicians present us. One of the few places people still have in society is at the till."