The UK Film Council has been blasted for backing the most expensive Bollywood movie ever made - because the film paints a false picture of Britain's treatment of India when it was part of the British Empire.

The Rising: BALLAD OF MANGAL PANDEY, starring Aamir Khan, received $262,500 (GBP150,000) from the government-backed body - but critics are unhappy about the epic's interpretation of the behaviour of the British East India company in the years leading up to the Indian Mutiny of 1857.

The author of THE INDIAN MUTINY: 1857, Saul David, says, "I am no apologist for the British East India Company but I have never come across any evidence which supports either of these assertions.

"It is nonsense. Of course a certain amount of criticism is justified but this sounds like vilification of the British just for the sake of it."