Review of Sail Away (MCA 14/11/05) Single by The Rasmus

The Rasmus
Sail Away
(MCA 14/11/05)

The Rasmus Sail Away (MCA 14/11/05) Single

Melodic Finnish rock that shows a bigger heart than an Ox on Valentines Day is the latest exposure of this Lauri Ylönen fronted outfit's exploits. It may surprise you to learn that The Rasmus have seven albums in its proud armoury, but their hardcore fans tend not to talk about them, solely because they cannot get hold of some of them for love nor money.

This offering from the 'Hide From The Sun' album is a soaring rock anthem about leaving it all behind. It sends a message out to those who doubted this band's broadness and staying power, especially to those who bottled them off at the Reading Festival in 2004.

David Adair

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