Hit Broadway musical The Producers has bombed in Los Angeles after opening on the west coast to far from favourable reviews.

Seinfeld's Jason Alexander and comic Martin Short were hoping to follow the successes of Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick, who turned the show into a megahit in New York.

But critics are far from impressed with their efforts.

LOS ANGELES TIMES critic REED JOHNSON was particularly scathing about Alexander, claiming, "He and the rest of this production's cast are so desperately eager to please that they practically French kiss the front row."

Johnson adds, "The Producers has lost something of its reputed bite and charm during the long cross-country haul."

The show debuted to the public on Thursday night (29MAY03). Tom Hanks, Goldie Hawn, Alec Baldwin and Billy Crystal were among the stars in attendance.

And they thought the show was a hit. Alexander's former Seinfeld castmate JULIA LOUIS DREYFUSS called it "awesome" and Hawn said, "It's the funniest thing."

02/06/2003 01:44