The eagerly-awaited big screen version of The Producers has been delayed after the film's star Nathan Lane replaced ailing Richard Dreyfuss in the London theatre production.

Only days before previews of the West End show were scheduled to begin this month (OCT04), JAWS star Dreyfuss pulled out citing a shoulder and back injury, and luckily the TONY award winning Lane was able to take over the role of MAX BIALYSTOCK - which he has received rave reviews for on Broadway.

American newspaper NEW YORK POST reports the comedy musical - which was set to start filming at Brooklyn's Steiner Studios - in on hold until Lane returns to America.

Last week (ends29OCT04) it was announced teen star Lindsay Lohan's forthcoming movie LADY LUCK had been delayed and switched from New York to New Orleans, Louisiana after the young actress spent time in hospital for a high fever.

KARA ALAIMO from the New York Mayor's OFFICE OF FILM, THEATER AND BROADCASTING says, "Production schedules regularly fluctuate for a variety of reasons. The Producers is scheduled to open their offices at Steiner Studios on December 1, but will likely do so even earlier. We look forward to working closely with the film while it is in pre-production and when it begins shooting."

The Producers is set to star Lane, Matthew Broderick, Will Ferrell and Nicole Kidman.

01/11/2004 10:47