Scottish rockers The Proclaimers are desperate for one of their songs to be covered by fellow countryman Rod Stewart. The duo - famed for their 1989 hit song (I'm Gonna Be) 500 Miles - have had their material covered countless artists in the past, but insist Stewart is one of few artists who could do their tracks justice. Band member Craig Reid says, "We've been covered by lots of bands and singers but we always hoped Rod Steward would do it. He's someone who has done well and is a popular man. We'd love him to sing one of our old acoustic songs, Misty Blue, rather than one of the bigger hits, but it's not really very likely to happen. It would be great if it did." And the twin brothers admit there is another musician they would love to hear record their hits. Charlie adds, "It'd be great to see Jennifer Lopez sing one of our songs too."