Industry insiders claimed the trio's most recent reunion fell apart amid backstage squabbles, but the guitarist reveals nothing could be further from the truth.

Summers says, "We get pasted all the time that we hate each other's guts and and that's all there is, but it's really not true. We went through an incredible life experience together and that's very bonding.

"Not one of the three of us has had this experience with anyone else and no one else except the three of us really knows what it's like. So there is absolutely a fraternity there, despite all the difficulties of being a band. There's something else that we're all glued together by. I think there's a certain amount of love there. I think it's very important to say that.

"They've been supportive... The truth about us, in a larger picture, is we have a marriage - the other marriage - and we all stand back to back when it comes down to it."