The Pogues decided to re-release their hit single FAIRYTALE IN NEW YORK so they can shine a spotlight on Mexican authorities, who have finally agreed to re-investigate singer Kirsty Maccoll's death.

The single, which was initially recorded with the late singer in 1987, will be released on 18 December (05) to coincide with the fifth anniversary of MacColl's tragic death, when she was struck by a speedboat while swimming in Cozumel, Mexico.

While a deckhand was later fined by authorities for causing MacColl's death, her relatives suspect the son of a wealthy supermarket owner was actually steering the boat when the accident occurred - and they want him charged with homicide.

Pogues member SPIDER STACY says, "The single release isn't about making money. It's about justice for Kirsty. (Her mother) Jean has spent the last five years trying to get at the truth and she is making good headway. But the guy in question is one of the richest men in Mexico and is able to buy the best lawyers.

"When I first heard of this campaign, I didn't see the point. It's all an uphill task and Jean is an old lady. But I was wrong. She is getting close to finding justice for Kirsty."