LATEST: The Pogues frontman Shane MacGowan has dismissed rumours he is seriously ill - insisting he is fit and well.
The Fairytale of New York hitmaker has long struggled with drug and alcohol addictions and was recently rumoured to have been diagnosed with deadly liver disease hepatitis.
The news prompted his father, Maurice, to voice his fears for his son - urging him to give up drinking or face an early death.
But MACGowan, 50, is adamant that he was diagnosed many years ago, and has since kicked the killer illness.
He says, "I did have hepatitis, but it was alcoholic hepatitis, and that was 17 years ago. I was in very bad shape, I wouldn't advise anyone to drink that much.
"But I was treated for it and it has now cleared up. I only stayed off the drink for three weeks."
And MACGowan insists that his health is fine these days, despite the fact that has not given up alcohol.
He adds, "I think the reason I'm still here is because I have a strong constitution. I don't feel 50, I feel younger every day."