The Pixies reunion couldn't have come at a better time for drummer DAVID LOVERING - he was broke and heartbroken when he received the call about a planned get together.

The rocker had quit music and was following a career as a budding magician, but he had fallen on hard times following the break-up of a romance.

He says, "My relationship was absolutely horrible, involving police and prison, and financially it was bad. I was drinking a lot.

"I was kicked out of my house. One day I was going to the bank, I had to withdraw some money, and I didn't have enough money to take out. It must have been the most depressing day I'd ever had.

"And then my cell phone rings. It was Joe (SANTIAGO - guitarist). 'Guess what?' he says. 'The Pixies are getting back together.' It was amazing."

23/08/2004 08:26