The Pixies frontman Frank Black is planning to treat fans of the defunct 80s band to re-recordings of the cult act's unreleased demos.

The VELOURIA stalwart stumbled across a demo tape from his original band's early days and was persuaded by his record label to re-work the compositions for the public.

Black explains, "I've been analysing some old Pixies songs recently because I'm re-recording them for an album which is going to be released for the first time.

"The recording was made in 1986 before THE PURPLE TAPE. It is the demo for that demo! When we were planning The Purple Tape, I would go over to the producer's house and play and sing into a tape recorder so he had a reference of the songs we were going to try and do the following day.

"A few years ago somehow this recording ended up in my manager's office. My label said, 'Hey, we could release this!' The sound quality isn't brilliant, but I understand the time capsule value of it."

08/08/2003 02:37