The Pixies frontman Frank Black has reformed the cult early 90s group because offers for a reunion tour were "too good" and the money "too much".

The VELOURIA rocker reveals he has been approached yearly by the world's leading festival promoters with offers to reform the group he disbanded 12 years ago.

And when the offers flooded in late last year (03), after he joked about a reunion on a British radio show, Black, also known as Black Francis, felt it was time to take the money.

He says, "There's a lot of mystery around the band, so we've been getting really high offers. I could use the money right now. I know the other guys could use the money."

Black also credits his new-found love of therapy for his willingness to reform The Pixies.

He adds, "I do it on the road once, twice, sometimes three times a week. I end up taking in all kinds of situations... it's very educational, interesting stuff.

"When I was a kid, I used to move a whole lot, so I'm used to a kind of transient lifestyle. I discovered through therapy that it isn't always the best thing for me. I'm less able to connect with people. So I'm trying to change that a little bit."

Black and the original Pixies line-up will tour this month (APR04) before playing their official reunion show at the Coachella FESTIVAL in California on 1 May (04).

01/04/2004 09:01