The latest instalment in The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has been a box office success, as expected.

Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End sees the cast from the previous two films reunited for one last movie which seems to be enough to pull in the audiences.

Despite some negative reviews about film, the pirate adventure took £13.4 million on its opening weekend, beating Spider-man 3 - the previous number one - by over ten million.

After breaking Memorial Day records in the US, the film has achieved great success in Europe as well, although its plunder is slightly less than previous efforts.

According to figures from Screen International, the third Spidey movie was still firmly in second place with takings of £1.3 million.

David FinCher's new film Zodiac was the second highest entry, starring Jake Gyllenhaal as the newspaper cartoonist who doesn't give up on a murder case.

Also faring well is 28 Weeks Later, the sequel to 28 Days Later, which is filmed on location in London and features more of the famous deserted street scenes.

The zombie picture took just over half a million and was followed by the fantasy epic Bridge to Terabithia.

30/05/2007 15:37:28