The controversial film The Passion Of The Christ is set to replace TITANIC as the most successful film ever.

The Passion - which was personally funded by it's director MEL GIBSON - has been at the top of the box office in America since it's release last month (25MAR04).

The film, which has already grossed $396 million (GBP220 million) in American and Canada alone, is not far behind it's rivals - TITANIC took $810 million (GBP450 million) and Star Wars which raked in $684 million (GBP380 million).

It is already the most viewed "adult certificate" film as well as the most successful non-English language film over taking the Chinese epic drama Crouching Tiger, HIDDEN DRAGON.

PAUL DERGARABEDIAN, from film tracker company EXHIBITOR RELATIONS, says, "If The Passion continues like this it is possible for it to surpass Star Wars and even Titanic as the all time domestic box office champ."

19/03/2004 13:26