The Passion Of The Christ star Jim Caviezel has defended his opposition of Michael J Fox's stem cell research pleas, insisting he wants the public to be better informed before voting on new measures. The actor fears Fox's support of Missouri's Amendment 2, which would prohibit state legislative interference in any federally allowed stem cell research, could be dangerous and he's appeared in a new US TV ad explaining his views. Despite sympathising with the TEEN WOLF star's debilitating Parkinson's Disease, he's keen for the public to understand the facts before casting their vote on the initiative. He says, "I really care about people and the public. I believe the public needs to be informed. What they decide to choose is their choice, but I care very much." While Caviezel supports research using adult stem cells, he and the others in the commercial oppose the use of human embryos. He adds, "I am absolutely for adult stem cell research. I care very much about people who have diseases, especially Parkinson's Disease and I'd be through the moon if they ever came up with a cure for any of those diseases, especially Parkinson's."