Review of Lackey (Poptones 17/01/05) Single by The Others

The Others

The Others - Lackey (Poptones 17/01/05) - Single Review

The Others


(Poptones 17/01/05)

Seeking to consolidate on the lead gained by previous single; 'Stan Bowles' The Others hit a tale of defiance and self belief into the back of the net. They do so via skirting with the mod era, taking the bones of Brit pop and a shade of punk in a manner not dissimilar to contemporaries The Ordinary Boys. This quartet demonstrates an endearing amount of integrity and down to earth grit that has become rarer than the post of television scriptwriter.

The Others - Lackey (Poptones 17/01/05) - Single Review

Lyrically, Lackey is mundane yet strangely captivating as The Others decry the rat race and champion the plight of soulful integrity;

“I don’t wanna be a lackey in a job that doesn’t pay.

I don’t wanna have to listen you…. Today.

I don’t wanna have to sell my soul to the man… Today.”

The sincere vocalist Dominic Masters bellows out these lyrics with heart and beckons in society's underdog, with his empathy and controlled anger. This quartet is beginning to rise above fellow new guitar bands with their old fashioned honesty and no frills intensity.

David Adair