The Osmonds star Alan Osmond's son DAVID is upset with producers of U.S. talent show American Idol for cutting his voiceless performance out of Wednesday night's (04Feb09) programme. The Osmond boy was sent home after laryngitis stole his vocals onstage at the Kodak Theatre during the first Hollywood group round of this year's competition, and many viewers were left scratching their heads when one of the pre-show favourites was ejected without a fanfare.
Osmond, the nephew of Donny and Marie, tells Los Angeles DJ Valentine, "We didn't perform until 10 o'clock at night. That morning at breakfast, 6.30, we're rehearsing, we're going over our tune; it's killer.
"By lunch, something freaky starts happening to my voice. I cannot explain it - I wasn't sick, I wasn't tired.
"By dinner time I could not get a note out; I had full-blown laryngitis. I've never in my life had it... I know I have to get up on that stage, I have to take the mic and go up there and sound like the world's worst singer for 30 million people, and they didn't show any of it."
Osmond felt sure his croaky efforts would have at least made it into the show highlights: "I was baffled when I watched it (the show). I thought for sure it would make great television... I thought it would have been awesome to watch."