Reality TV star SHARON OSBOURNE still can't believe her show The Osbournes is such a hit - she was convinced no-one would watch it.

The redhead mother-of-three agreed to let MTV cameras into their Hollywood home in 2002 and are now among the richest stars in the music industry thanks to endorsements, public appearances and the show's international syndication.

Sharon recalls, "When Ozzy first saw the show just a week before it was due to run, he was like, 'We have to get out of this, it's awful'. And I was saying, 'Don't worry. Nobody's going to see it. It'll come and go and nobody will even know that we did this.'

"But it just didn't work out like that. It's the weirdest thing. People from all cultures have taken to it. I think the English love Ozzy's sense of humour - his dryness - and in America they like his oddness, the craziness, even though they have no idea what Ozzy is saying.

"God knows what they like about it in Japan, but they do."

01/09/2004 13:27