LATEST: Rock family The Osbournes will thrill fans with the Christmas edition of their MTV reality show - by including appearances from BRITNEY SPEARS, Mike Myers and "20 tons of fake snow".

The OSBOURNE FAMILY CHRISTMAS - which was recorded at their Beverly Hills, California, home before Ozzy's recent quad bike accident - will air on MTV on Christmas Eve (03), and will feature an unlikely duet of WINTER WONDERLAND by the rocker and Jessica Simpson.

Rock chick KELLY will also be performing HAVE YOURSELF A MERRY LITTLE CHRISTMAS on the show.

And MTV spokesman LOIS CURREN promises the special will contain all the ingredients of a traditional festive party.

He says, "The Osbournes are surprisingly traditionalist when it comes to the holidays - they love all the old holiday TV showcases and wanted to create a new television tradition with their special.

"Where else are you going to find 20 tons of fake snow, ice skating elves, reindeer, carolers, Tracy Morgan dressed as SANTA, and Britney Spears all in one holiday extravaganza - only at the Osbournes."

19/12/2003 16:51