British rockers The Ordinary Boys are making a comeback - frontman Preston and drummer Simon Goldring are reuniting the band three years after calling it quits.
The Boys Will Be Boys stars parted ways in 2008, but singer Preston - who has since achieved success as a songwriter and producer - admits he misses performing with his pals and he is teaming up with Goldring to play a series of dates across the U.K. in December (11).
Preston says, "It's been five years since the band played live and despite having forged a career as a songwriter for other artists as well as (working on) some development and production (projects), I desperately miss those early, sweaty Ordinary Boys shows.
"I organised some time off in December to play some of my favourite venues from those days as a little release for myself and to give those songs the decent send off that they deserve."
And the star, real name Samuel Preston, reveals he wanted to return to the stage before he gets too old.
He adds, "There is no reason beyond the fun of playing... I just need something loud and fast in my life and I want to do it before I turn 30 next year."
Guitarist William J. Brown and bassist James Gregory will not be part of the reunion.