Fans of horror classic The Omen will never let former child actor Harvey Stephens forget he once played the spawn of Satan. Stephens, who played scary DAMIEN in the 1976 film, insists he has never been touched by the film's famous curse, but he has found himself in several strange situations since making his movie debut. The retired actor, who has a cameo in THE OMEN remake - as a "fat grey" reporter, recalls, "A few freaks have got in touch with me. One man knocked on my door with a set of six knives he claimed were from our film. "He asked me to sign the case. I was bathing my daughter at the time." Stephens, who now runs a London-based chauffeur company, admits he was the recipient of a host of bizarre text messages on Tuesday (06JUN06) when The Omen remake was released - on the apt 06-06-06. He adds, "I got messages saying, 'Happy Birthday.'" But that was nothing to the terror he felt when he realised his three-year-old daughter's birthdate was 6 June. He explains, "Thankfully she was born on the 20th."