The man who played Satan's son in The Omen has revealed 666, the number of the beast, still haunts him 28 years after he terrified film fans as DAMIEN.

Harvey Stephens, 33, is now a successful British property developer and has turned his back on his acting career and his devilish past.

But his connection to the horror movie continues.

Stephens explains, "I've had more than my fair share of car crashes, once the repairs cost exactly 666 pounds.

"And when I took a group of friends out for dinner for my 19th birthday, the bill came to 666 pounds."

But Stephens admits his biggest 666 scare came when he was expecting the birth of his baby daughter GRACIE.

He adds, "When my wife EMMA was pregnant and we went for the first scan, they predicted the due date as June 6 - the sixth day of the sixth month, just like Damien's birth.

"I thought, 'I bet that baby is born at 6am to make it 666.'"

To his relief his baby arrived three weeks late.

25/03/2004 13:56